A Little Dog, and The Lessons He Taught me ..

Miss you baby boy , a little more everyday, I see you in everything I do with your brother and sisters and your still with me in my heart! I take you with me, this will never change, because the impact on my life and lessons I learned from your little soul, last through eternity. Through a little dog, God showed me love, kindness and forgiveness in the most clearest way. It was engraved in my heart. You were more than a friend, companion, little dog, you were a gift from God that keeps on giving , because the lessons you taught me, continue daily in my life as a lesson I must perfect , and protect. Our last day together, in the car, you were hurting so bad and so uncomfortable! I reached down to pet your tiny head and you once again bit me and drew blood, but like every time in the past, you emmeditly started licking it away, as if to say “I’m sorry I hurt you Momma” .

It was that last day after 10 years that God spoke to me loud and clear!         He had said ” You see Luanne, this is how I want you to love my children, my people, love them with all your heart, and let forgives come in right away! “”You see, this is how I love all of you, and despite the tears and pain you bring me, the hurt, the every bite like your little taco, that cuts me deep, I just love you more and forgive you more every time!”

Everytime Taco bit me, I’d try that much harder to let him know it was ok, I loved him, and everytime I loved him a little more and I always quickly forgave him! I thought I was nuts for loving a dog that had been so scared before he found us that he couldn’t forget, and he bit me more than anyone in the home, and almost daily! Yet, everytime my heart swelled with not only sadness, because I could not take his fear away, but tremendous love bursting from my heart, because I just wanted to try harder to make him understand I still loved him and would never leave him. Forgiveness came right away and naturally! But until God pointed this out to me in this way, I never understood it!

In that moment, I realized the gift God had given me! The greatest one! The one we all need to learn, the most important commandment, but the most important in being his child, we had to love like him, forgive like him and love more everytime we are hurt by someone. Love them till our heart bursts and you think you just couldn’t love them any more, until they hurt you again, and it starts over again!.

This is why I hold my precious little Taco so close to my heart, and it was him that opened my eyes to the lessons each of our animals can bring us, if we just watch and listen. When we are animal lovers, God will use what we love most to teach us his lessons, and I see that now! Thank you Baby Boy, for showing me one of the most important and powerful lessons to learn! And thank you God for the time you gave me with him, and using him to open my eyes to this wonderful world of love and forgiveness!

Never say our animals are only just that, when you look past the outside and see what they may be teaching us, they become so much more! Every single one is a gift and more often than not, find us, not the other way around and there is a reason for that! Search for it, and never let it go, rip Taco Bell, Mama loves you!  kisses❤️💔


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