Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe tomorrow
I will wake up and see
beyond my window pane
the sun is shining, with a gentle breeze
that carried away the dark cloudy skies
and with them, the thundering rain.
Maybe tomorrow
I will feel no pain
that my youth has been restored,
and I put on my running shoes
and run through the streets,
and chase the butterflies down memory lane.
Maybe tomorrow
my heart will be full.
No longer empty, and feeling lost and alone.
And those that have left me
I’ll find back at my door.
Where I’ll wrap my arms around them and it will fill my empty soul.
Maybe tomorrow
the tears will no longer fall.
My heart, once broken, repaired and whole.
Forgiveness will find me, the loving kind.
Where once again I will shine and I’ll be able to stand tall.
But maybe tomorrow
I’ll wake to find
it was all just a dream,
that the dark clouds still hover and the birds still won’t sing.
That the pain is still very real,
and the only running I can do is running away.
That my heart is still empty and broken.
And no forgiveness is found.
That the mirror in front of me shows the truth of of how I stand,
and it’s not very tall, but I’m half way buried in sand.
Full of regrets and left to wither where my soul has died.
And the ones that have left me
have left me for good,
That my only conviction is realizing I never did what I should.
There will be no one to wrap my arms around,
my broken heart’s brittle beat is the only sound.
So maybe tomorrow will never come,
so I can find some peace at last, and love all around.
That I’ll wake in the arms of my Heavenly Father above,
and while I cry tears of regret, he wipes them away with love.
He will take my hand, and I’ll realize there is no pain,
that my heart isn’t broken, but beating  strong instead.
And I’ll finally be able to run far and fast,
past the heartache and pain of my miserable past.
That I’ll never be alone here, and forgiveness abounds,
and opens arms always greet me,
while the sun shines and my fathers voice is a beautiful sound!
Maybe tomorrow….. Instead..


Written by peanut feet. And edited by WetFevorDreams


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