Inside my head

Inside my head, is where I can see your smiling face. I can hear your laughter, your funny jokes, and I can watch you when you sleep..
Inside my head, I know your only a space away, I can call out for you, and there you are, talking like it was yesterday.
Inside my head, I can hold you when you cry, and tell you I’m sorry for all the times it was me that brought on your tears.

I wipe them away , inside my head, and can sweep them all aside, I can take your hand and take a walk, in the sun just outside. We go for rides inside my head, to places that we’ve been, the beach , the forest, and grandmas house, and sometimes just anywhere we land. We play the music up so loud and sing a little off key, then laugh and sometimes even cry, when the song, that’s played brings back memory’s !
But sometimes inside my head, I have to watch you as you go, and i ask with tears running down my face, please stay and you wave goodbye, so slow, you turn around and I watch you leave and I wonder to myself, will this be the last time I see, you inside my head? Or will tomorrow bring you back , where I can re live it all over again? It’s so very Lonley inside my head , when your gone and I’m here alone instead. At least I know your safe in there, even when you wave goodbye, because inside my head these memory’s can never die. So I’ll lock them in my heart instead and bring them out when I feel low. And when I do , I’ll look once more at you, and tell you,

” I love you , please don’t go !”


4 thoughts on “Inside my head

    • So very true! But can be so very painful too! But I do thank god I can recall most things and see them so very well, from start to finish. I could have went all over the place with this title! But I chose my happiest thoughts and saddest thoughts, put them together, and they are always with my girls! 😍♥️


    • This is for both of you girls! It’s exactly what I think of when I think of either one of you! And I have so many memeories I can bring forward and re-live for awhile.. But it’s always goodbye in the end. And that’s the part I never like.
      I love you too baby girl! So very much! ❤️❤️❤️😘

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