The moment I knew you would be okay. ( To Paige)

The moment I knew you would be okay
My Dearest Paige,

It was early morning on jan 28 1997′ laying in bed, I felt the first pains come and new it was time, that you would be here soon! We rushed to the hosp, had music playing, but u were in a hurry to get here, and so only a few hrs later you were born with ” send me an angel” playing in the background! From the beginning, we could tell you were going to be smart and outgoing! You never wet your diaper, you went like clock work when the sun came up at 6:30 am every day! Within a year you were potty trained!

You loved to explore, any chance you got, you hit the ground running, like you were searching for more than just your surroundings, but rushing to grow up and be a big girl! Every teacher loved you, you had many friends, and if you were ever sad or not feeling well, it was hard to tell!

I prayed many nights for god to watch over you, and when you hit your teens, I prayed a little harder that he’d keep a close eye on you! And I always felt a certain peace in my heart because I belived you had several angels watching you always, and I’m grateful for that! You fell in love and you’ve had your heart broken, and I always wished I could take the pain away, but I knew you had to experience these things, because they make us strong, and give us strength to carry on!

And here we are, your almost 18, and I wish I could say I did a good job, but really I only did the best I could, and Jesus carried you when I wasn’t strong enough too! But the moment I knew you’d be okay, was when you grabbed my hand and prayed for me , your momma, with a prayer from your heart, that was genuine and filled me with so much love and hope. I realized then, that somewhere along the way, I did Somthing right and showed you that Jesus loves you and listens. And you will hopefully carry that with you through out your life, and when I’m gone , you’ll know, we will always be together again, and I’m only a prayer away ! Don’t ever lose your laughter and joy, your wonder of exploring this great big world, and all it has to offer! And someday when your a Mother, I know you will be a wonderful one! I love you sweet pea! You will always be my baby girl! Luv momma ❤


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