We walked down the row of cages, the sad faces, wet noses stuck between the bars, trying to get someone, anyone, to stop and just notice the puppy behind it.
But from the start you stayed in a corner , backed away from the countless feet that passed your cage each day, I’m sure you didn’t want the heartbreak, you were so very afraid.
But Paige saw you, and Somthing clicked, you came to the bars to see what it was, that made her seem safe.

We knew you were ours and you knew we belonged to you! So home you came with us , to start a life brand new, it’s was rough at first , you still couldn’t trust, I know you weren’t sure if we would throw you out too. But we made it through!.

But mama was the one that had to take care of you, be keeper, your vet, you friend, and better yet, you never left my side, not one night did you stray, you’ve always been close to me, keeping a watchful eye,
Many nights you heard me laugh, many nights heard me cry, and your prescience next to me brought a comfort I never knew! Like having your guardian angel there, right next to you!

We’ve camped under stars, and walked trails around big trees, ran through tall grass in meadows, while feeling the cool breeze !
You loved to go see the horses, and chase one or two! Your soul and your heart was so much bigger than you! But It was my turn to keep my eye on you!

We’ve spent many hours driving in the car, heading up to grandmas house in Oregon, and back again each year! And you loved every bit of it, except the damn flies in your ears! 😉

You never quite took to water, but a bath was ok, till later in your life when you weren’t feeling the same! I started noticing changes, though small that they were, you weren’t the happy puppy that you once were.

Car rides got harder and you didn’t bounce back, but you still loved our daily park walks, and we will cross the street next time! 🙂

Your now only 9, and they tell me the end is near! I’ve prayed and I’ve cried and I’ve believed Jesus would hear! But here we are and it’s late at night and your in a hosp fight for your life, a few more days, we don’t know how long that we can be together, I wish I could spend them doing all the things you love, but time just isn’t on our side! I’m not ready to let you go yet, and when you do you will take the biggest part of me! I’ve had so many animals, but never anyone like you
There will never be a replacing you, it’s Somthing I just couldn’t do! I’m grateful for the time we’ve had, as short as it has had to be, I wish god had healed you, but it wasn’t meant to be?
I only can hope that you and I will be together again soon, but never to die and youthful again! We will run thru the tall grass and big trees and windy breeze, and we will have all of eternity this time, no tears no fear, no cages, just free!

I love you my sweet Taco Bell, with all of my heart, may you always know just how much! ❤

(written originally March of 2015)

there will be a part two,

(A little dog, and how Jesus used him ,to teach me the power of forgiveness and his love)


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