A flicker of light, in a dark space.

A flicker of light in a dark space..
Have you ever stood in a pitch black room, and noticed how the darkness seems to envelope you? Makes it hard to breathe? You lose all sense of direction and have no idea how small or large the space is around you? Or if your inside or outside? On the edge of a precipice about to fall?
You reach out in the darkness and hope to feel a hand , or table or anything to steady yourself because you swear the space around you is actually moving yet you could swear your standing still? But then your heart races; are you alone? What if you felt a hand? When you thought you were alone ? It could make you jump right out of your skin? You hear nothing and at the same time can hear everything, your breathing, your heartbeat, a pin drop, and you wonder, while your paralyzed with fear, that is there really anything there to fear? You may not be able to see past your nose, but does it mean your all alone, or is someone else there? Then you light a match, a single match, and it somehow seems to light up everything around you.. It swallows up the dark and the fear goes with it! Why? Why does this single match so small and so little light, have the power to completely change your perspective and strangle the fear that was there only a minute ago?
Light, a single flicker of light can do just that! It can swallow the dark and the fear with it, removing all the symptoms your body and mind created in the darkness with it. Because that small flicker of light gives you control, control over everything your were fearing only moments ago in the dark, and it gives you hope. It gives you peace, it brings strength and power, to be able to overcome, anything now! You can back away from the precipice you thought you were standing on, you can see the size of the room and that the hand you may have felt was your own. You can now see a way out of the room you may be in, and all of a sudden you realize the darkness lost all its power over you, when you lit that simple match! What if we could be that flicker of light, that single lit match in this dark world full of fear. What if not only we were a flicker of light for ourselves but also for many others , caught in that same dark place? What if we could be the hand they grab hold of and pull them into the light? My only wish is to be , that flicker of light,in a dark space. For myself , and for many others too!


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