A touch of pain, and a taste of death..

Open wounds..

There are so many types of pain, so many types of wounds. The mere words, “Pain, Wound”, can summon up images in our minds of so many senerios. From a simple cut, to a vision of war, and even crucifiction and a cross..  But the words never seemed to be synonymous when used in a sentence to define being a Parent.  The mere word “Parent”, speaks of Joy, Love, compassion, selflessness and even urphoria..

No one ever tells you or prepares you for the dark times of parenthood. The lonely times, the times you feel you have fallen short of the very definition of what your mind believed to be “A Parent” meant and until you’ve become a parent yourself,  how could you know ? No one would ever dare to tell a new born “Parent”, of the horrors that could await you, that they say later on are “Normal”!

Wait! What does “Normal”mean? And why didn’t anyone have the heart to warn us? It could never be that bad right? How could you Love Somthing, “someone” , so much, that you would lay down your life for them , and even think that for one moment, “Pain, or Wounds”, would ever be accociated with them? It’s a hard pill to swallow, and it’s a “Pain, Wound”, that leaves a scar so large that it could fit right in with “Crusifiction”. I wouldn’t wish it in my worst enemy! There is only one thing , one thing that can heal this kind of “Pain or Wound”, and that is Love.. And so, that is why I believe God puts that love In our hearts the moment we become a parent, he knew we were gonna need it! That the love would have to be so strong, that it would overcome and be able to heal.. I only pray, that I can heal….


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