The Beginning……

Its a hot evening in southern Calif. Sleep once again evades me, so I decided to start a blog. My mind, an endless parade of thoughts, I feel it’s time to write them down in hopes that maybe I can make sense of this cascade of words that seem to have an endless flow. I seem to ponder quite a bit, where I am going, where I have been, and what does it all mean? The only way to travel back in time is in my thoughts, where I make things right, that I feel was wrong, or just to visit a simple time in my life, where life was made of innocence and laughter..

When responsibility was just a word, and the safety net our parents provided allowed us to venture as far as our minds would allow. Where dreams ran rampant, and everything and anything seemed possible. It was an escape that came and went too fast, where dreams got left behind and replaced by monotonous daily duties that I never would have taken on if only “Neverland” truly existed.